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20 Packs Fishing Bait Rigs Set - Luminous Sabiki Rig with Sharp Hooks and Soft Shrimp Lure

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【Easy to Use】

All of the sabiki rigs are set up with fishing swivels and fishing snaps, making it incredibly easy to use. Simply link the fishing line and attach fishing weights, and you'll be ready to enjoy your fishing piers near me.

【Product List】

This pack includes 20 packs types of fishing hooks rigs, each designed to enhance your fishing experience. It consists of:

- 2 packs of luminous shrimp rigs (1 pack of size 1#, 1 pack of size 2#)

- 6 packs of red rigs (3 packs of size 12#, 3 packs of size 14#)

- 3 packs of white fish skin rigs (1 pack of size 8#, 1 pack of size 9#, 1 pack of size 12#)

- 3 packs of feather octopus rigs (3 packs of size 1/0#)

- 3 packs of luminous octopus rigs (1 pack of size 1/0#, 1 pack of size 2#, 1 pack of size 4#)

- 3 packs of red skirt rigs (1 pack of size 9#, 1 pack of size 11#, 1 pack of size 14#)

【Sharp Hooks】

Our sabiki rigs are equipped with high carbon hooks that are sharp and durable, ensuring a secure and successful fishing experience.


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