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Women's PFG Stacked Logo Long Sleeve Tee - Bright Nectar/Hidden Paradise Fill

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Stay comfortable and protected during your outdoor adventures with our high-performance polyester shirt. Made from 100% polyester, this shirt is designed to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day. The innovative Omni-Wick technology pulls moisture away from your body, allowing sweat to evaporate quickly, so you stay cool and dry even during intense activities. Whether you're hiking, camping, or enjoying any outdoor activity, this shirt is your perfect companion.

Not only does this shirt keep you dry, but it also provides excellent sun protection. With Omni-Shade UPF 50, it shields you from harmful UV rays, helping to prevent sunburn and long-term skin damage. You can confidently explore under the sun, knowing that your skin is well-protected.

Designed for convenience, this shirt is easy to wear with its pull-on closure. It's also quick-drying, allowing you to wash it and have it ready for your next adventure in no time. The shirt is imported, ensuring top-notch quality and durability.

Choose our polyester shirt for its exceptional moisture-wicking properties, superior sun protection, and unbeatable comfort. Upgrade your outdoor wardrobe today and experience the difference.

size 2X, 3X, Medium, X-Small, XX-Large


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